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Follow THE YOUTUBER first via the EPIC vlog, and finally meet the dancers live on stage! The team desperately needs your help, because their experiments with Youtubing seem to have gone terribly wrong..

A group of truly AWESOME dancers meet on stage. They look suspicious and scared -  for what happened in the weeks leading up to the premiere? Was everything staged in honor of more likes, promotional deals and followers? and if so, by whom? That is what they will now try to solve by recounting the mysterious events that they captured while vlogging during the creation process. They are hoping that the audience is ready to shed light on the matter with them, since as it turns out: the line between the staged and the real is not clear even to themselves..

With Dansehallerne as co-producer, the Finnish choreographer and dancer NOORA HANNULA has created an absurd and poignant online and live dance performance, THE YOUTUBER, which plays with the perceived reality on the social media and explores what it means to be a Youtuber - with extreme physicality, humor and all that YouTubing entails. 

Supported by the Danish Arts Council, the Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point and Knud Højgaard’s Fund.


November 5. - 13. 2022 / Tuesday – Saturday at 19:30, Sundays at 17:00 at



Bispebjerg Torv 1

2400 København NV


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SOME SERIES 2016 - 2022
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The Nordic Beasts is a Nordic cross borders dance theatre that operates under the artistic direction of choreographer Noora Hannula (FI) and is produced by Ida Marie Fich (DK).

Each season, besides our long-term artistic partners we aim to invite new Nordic collaborators and artists to join the productions. For next open call check AUDITIONS!