Since 2018 the Nordic Beasts collaborates with Character House (FI). A production company that makes high quality Nordic films, where the story and the artistic demands come first. Their focus is on good scripts and new ways to portray realism. In the Nordic Beasts productions Character House helps with scripting and gives feedback regarding the on stage story telling. Their Helsinki base is run by Krista Hannula (FI) and Mia Palmgren (FI/SE).

photo: Laura Mainiemi



Krista Hannula is a Helsinki based script writer and director. Already in 2004 the Finnish magazine Yhtyneet Kuvalehdet noticed 14-year-old Krista’s imaginative writings and she worked at the children department of the publication for four years. Throughout her teenage years and early adulthood, she wrote mainly novels, long prose, and was active in the amateur theater scene of Helsinki. In 2009, she fell in love with the moving image and found the film as a tool for storytelling. After short film experiments, Krista wrote her first full-length movie "Äpärä" in 2014 in collaboration with film director Samppa Batal. Äpärä was nationally premiered in the fall of 2016 the same year as she started her studies at Aalto University, Department of Film, Television and Scenography to study script writing.

In 2017, Krista wrote her second full evening movie "Mother", which will be premiering in summer 2019. Krista is educated as a nurse and has worked at the intensive care unite now for five years while studying and doing her own projects. Her diverse work experience is clearly visible in her texts in the rich characters and real dialogues that characterize her writing.

As a colleague, Krista is open, inventive and accurate and she is able to work well under pressure. Krista has produced both Äpärä and Mother, so she has a good overall picture of movie productions and has become good at giving room for her co-workers at the right times.

In the autumn of 2018 Krista founded Character House Oy together with producer Mia Palmgren and in the coming February (2019), Krista will start to work in a new YLE drama series as the 1st assistant director.


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